Do You Teach Fiber Art?

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Maine Fiberarts is creating a directory of teaching artists and other learning resources, a compendium of the people and places in Maine where fiber art learning takes place—“Learning Fiber Art: A Guide to Maine Teaching Resources.” We are offering FREE LISTINGS for teaching artists and craftspeople, retreats, colleges, museums, learning centers, and fabric, yarn and craft shops. Our Learning Guide will be available online and in print. In addition to basic listings, it will include descriptions of fiber art techniques, select profiles, and illustrative photos. of these educational resources which will become part of our online Maine Fiberarts Tour Map/Resource Guide, and will be presented in a book format as a downloadable ebook. If you teach or want to add new students, we hope you will become part of this Guide.

Even if you are already listed on our online Maine Fiberarts Tour Map, please fill out the form below to gather information specifically about your teaching.

In addition to teaching resources, the book will include descriptions of fiber art techniques, select profiles, and illustrative photos. The book will be available as a downloadable ebook, a 7˝ x 7˝ full color publication with an estimated 48-60 pages, similar to the “Fiber Art Masters” book Maine Fiberarts published in 2016. With sufficient funding, Maine Fiberarts will offer a soft cover printed version of the book.

Our goal is to create a Guide for the public—for fiber-loving residents and tourists interested in taking a weaving class, learning how to spin, or discovering a new craft adventure while visiting Maine. All will be directed to our Learning Fiber Art Guide.

“Fiber arts” include spinning, knitting, quilting, crochet, embroidery, papermaking, book arts, sewing, felting, weaving, hooking, basketry, dyeing, and mixed media.

“Teaching resources” include artists, craftspeople, learning centers, institutions, museums, craft schools, nonprofits, libraries, shops, residencies, special events, and island and seasonal retreats hosting regular and ongoing instruction.

Guidelines for Inclusion

  • Listed resources must be located within the State of Maine.
  • All classes, workshops, retreats, and residencies must be ongoing and regular, and teaching venues must have a history of offering instruction.
  • Each listing will include contact information, website, email, techniques and type of teaching offered, a 25-word description, and a small photo to be considered for use in the ebook publication.
  • We are looking for a broad overview about location, techniques and types of learning—not specific workshop titles.
  • We will include listings without photos, but a good photo will make your listing stand out. Photos showing lots of detail in a big room are not ideal. Simple interesting close-up details or a portrait will work best
  • Printed photos will be small (no wider than 2.25" on the page) and must be no more than 3MB in digital size. Photos may be vertical, horizontal, or square but must not be wider than 2.25”
  • Listings are free, but we actively seek new members, renewing members, sponsors and donations to help support this project.

Thank you for your contributions towards creating our Learning Fiber Art Guide.


Application for Free Listing

To list your own Maine teaching resource, please fill out this simple form.

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  • Create a carefully-worded paragraph—250 characters (approximately 25 words)—explaining the type of learning that takes place,
  • Choose an overall section description for the book,
  • You may upload an optional high quality photo of no more than 3 MB. The photo will be considered for publication with your listing in the book at a width of 2.25" either square or rectangular.
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