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Carol Jones has been involved in various aspects of fiberarts, from sheep farming and knitting, to graphic design and print and online publishing for over 40 years. She founded a cottage industry sweater knitting business, designed and published knitting patterns, developed and taught production knitting techniques, sold sweaters and worked as a knitwear designer for a Boston apparel manufacturer. She then started and managed her own business services and consulting company which offered computer services, training and graphic design. She then worked as a production designer and art director in the art and marketing division of a large Maine toy and stationary manufacturer. During nine years at the Maine Department of Agriculture, Carol was the Marketing Publications and Web Coordinator for the Market and Production Development Division. She managed a database of Maine agricultural food and farm producers, created an online search feature in the early days, produced many seasonal consumer and wholesale buyer print publications. The most important part of her fiber-related career, and one that held everything together was her farming involvement with the sheep flocks she tended, bred for meat, wool and show. After an attempt at retirement, Carol began working with Christine on Maine Fiberarts' projects including developing and maintaining two websites, many print postcards and visual marketing materials. Om 2008 she was a member of the opening team at Maine's first Apple Retail store and worked part time as a Mac Specialist in Portland, Maine. Since moving to the the opposite coast she has continued working long distance on many Maine Fiberarts projects, continues to manage a few websites in Maine and Washington State, and works part time for the Washington State Ferry system at the terminal in Port Townsend.