This map along with our Fiber Folio is our digital version of the Maine Fiber Arts Tour Map and Resource Guide. The listings on the right side only reflect the locations (hotspots) on the area of the map that is in view. To see more hotspots, make the map smaller, or move it around (click or press and drag) to view the area you want. Clicking on a map "pin" will bring up the listing on the right where you can get directions written out. The "Read More" links (if they exist) at the bottom of each listing go to a zoomed in map of the area around that particular listing. A street view is also possible.

You can enter your own fiber site on the map. Take note that the "Title" field refers to the name of your studio, farm, gallery, shop, business, etc. listing and not your professional or personal title. The name and email you enter at the top does not show up, it is for us to know who is entering the information. If you do not want your exact location to show on the map, you can just enter the town name, state and zip code, and/or drag the marker on the map in the form to wherever you want it. Once it is correct you can hit the "sticky marker" selection.