hooked work from 2019 show

Offering treasured items by Maine artists: hooked rugs, colorful quilts, art books, handmade paper, woven scarves and hand knit items. Here's a link to the store:


All work is created as one-of-a-kind or limited edition work by members of Maine Fiberarts. If you see something you like, you may order online or be in touch with us directly. We are adding new items periodically. Photos and descriptions of unique, limited edition objects of art and craft can be found in our Online Art Shop. The ability to donate, and renew memberships is also available.

Below is a small sampling of the sorts of things that are (or have been) in the Online Art Shop.

Fiber Display

Become a Member! Expand your connections, whether that means widening the circulation of your artwork, images and brochures, publishing information about your services, or simply keeping abreast of what’s current in Maine fiber.

We invite fiber artists, fiber producers, collectors, enthusiasts, and friends to help us support Maine fiber by joining and building this organization. Your support helps us keep our building in Topsham (which will be open to the public again soon under Covid-19 Guidelines), make referrals to buyers and collectors looking for fiber art, send folks off to visit studios and farms, send out periodic Fiber News Bulletins, and dream up programs like our Fiber Folio"Learning Fiber Art: Guide to Maine Teaching Resources," "Mini-Tour: Midcoast Maine" and our Maine Fiberarts Tour Map to name a few. Please consider becoming a current member of Maine Fiberarts and help support us in our endeavors on your behalf. 

ALL MEMBERS can list items for sale on our Online Art Shop. Form to submit items for the Online Art ShopRead the Guidelines

Membership Levels

Professional Member $60
Supporting Member $100
Corporate or Sustaining Member $250
Advocate $500
Patron $1000

Membership Dues

In May of 2018 we instituted a new and simple yearly membership plan for everyone.

  • The membership year runs from June 1 of the current year through May 31 of the following year.
  • Dues are now paid once a year during the month of June.
  • Any new or renewing members who pay their dues in June of the current year will have a full year of membership with their yearly membership due again during June of the following year.
  • By remembering this date, it will keep you from the possibility of having to make two payments during the same membership period to stay current. For example, if you forget to pay during June, but pay after that, your membership will still come due again in June of the following year.
  • If you are a brand new member, joining Maine Fiberarts for the first time, you will be entitled to a 5 month extended/grace period if you pay in January or after. In other words. You will become a member when you pay, and your membership will continue throughought the next membership year without having to pay again that June.
  • Of course, we are always happy to accept donations of any amount at any time whether to cover membership or not.

Membership benefits are currently undergoing revision due to Covid-19 Guidelines and reopening plans. Stay tuned.

PROFESSIONAL MEMBERS receive a link to our online Bulletins and have work represented through Maine Fiberarts. Professional members may send up to 20 high resolution digital images via CD/DVD/flashdrive.* Send images of your artwork, shop or farm, or of you at work in your studio. Do not email images. Images are shown to curators and to art enthusiasts, and are used in curating solo and group exhibitions for Maine Fiberarts. Professional members may also send up to 200 copies of ONE printed piece (brochure, business card, or postcard) for display. Professional members receive discounts on workshops, may have notices posted in our Bulletins, may sell work through seasonal shows and sales in The Red Studio, and may run free classified ads in our online Maine Fiber Resource Guide, $60 per year

SUPPORTING MEMBERS, SUSTAINING MEMBERS, CORPORATE MEMBERS, ADVOCATES AND PATRONS receive all the benefits of Professional Members. They may also keep a portfolio book of images at our Gallery. We recommend Itoya-brand portfolio books that measure 10” x 13”  for photos, resumé, studio shots, press clippings and artwork images. They may also keep up to *40 digital images on file with us. Contact us for more informaion about our newest level of membership level, Corporate Member. $100–$1000 per year 

Payment Options

Using the donate button below: We can accept VISA, MC and paypal. Just fill in the amount of your donation after clicking the button, and we will apply it to the appropriate membership level. Don't like making online payments? We are also happy to receive your personal or business check mailed to Maine Fiberarts, 13 Main Street, Topsham, ME 04086. We can also accept VISA or MC payment by mail and phone 207-721-0678. When you donate, please enter a few words pertaining to your membership level or donation amount.

Contact us for other ways you might make a contribution. Maine Fiberarts is a federally-recognized 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation. Contributions are tax deductible. Your memberships, donations and sponsorships are considered contributions under these tax rules.


Everyone can support Maine Fiberarts.

Any time you shop on Amazon use this link:

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*By submitting photos you grant Maine Fiberarts permission to use and distribute your photos on a royalty-free basis for news and public-information purposes at their discretion.

How the Maine Fiberarts online art shop works:

  • The Online Art Shop is one way artist members can both support the organization and hopefully gain some exposure, promote their own work, and a chance to make online sales they might not otherwise have. 
  • Based on an honor system, Maine Fiberarts requires an exclusive selling arrangement for the items listed for the Holiday 2020 promotion. This means you will not list the same items with other organizations, shows, or websites, at least through January 31, 2021.
  • You may list the same item(s) on your own website, as long as you direct potential buyers to purchase the item(s) on our Online Art Shop.
  • Listing your items with photos in the online art shop is a benefit for current members of Maine Fiberarts.
  • If you are not a member you can become a member at this link: https://maine-fiberarts.square.site/product/membership-donations/24?cp=true&sa=false&sbp=false&q=false&category_id=8.
  • New items will be accepted through December 20, 2020 and will be listed in the Holiday 2020 menu.
  • This is the link to the online shop where customers can view, order and buy items listed in the "Holiday 2020" menu:https://maine-fiberarts.square.site/shop/holiday-2020/9
  • We ask that you reserve these pieces exclusively for us through January 31, 2021. After that time, we will write to ask you whether you’d like to keep the items with us, or have us take them off our Online Art Shop. 
  • Because of Covid restrictions, we are not displaying any of the newer items in our physical gallery, the artist is responsible for shipping the items to the buyer in a timely manner, charges for shipping will be collected and sent to the artist.
  • Once items are submitted, they will be reviewed by our curatorial committee to make sure they are a good fit for our shop.


Getting Paid

  • When an item is purchased, Maine Fiberarts will send 60 percent of the retail price plus the collected shipping charges to the artist who will send out the item(s) to the purchaser.
  • It takes quite a bit of work and bookkeeping to manage photos, item descriptions and sales from many different artists, and track and make payments to the various artists. Thus the commission.


Submitting Photos: 

  • Because of the way SquareUp treats images, they are all made square. 
  • If you submit a photo that is in portrait mode, vertical orientation, the bottom and top will be cropped off. If you submit an image in landscape mode, horizontal orientation, the right and left sides will be cropped off. 
  • Try to make sure your entire product image will fit into a square for best results. If it looks really small, you can take a couple of closeups too.
  • You can submit up to three images per item, and three items with one form
  • Try to make sure your entire product image will fit into a square for best results. If it looks really small, you can take a couple of closeups too. You can submit up to three images for each item. 
  • Maine Fiberarts provides a photography service If you would like us to photograph them for you. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make arrangements.


Link to the Submission Form for the Online Art Shop

This is the link: https://forms.gle/7WFNwcFDVxxidyvT8