“Enchanted Elements” is on view November 16, 2022 through January 28, 2023. An eclectic and beautiful mix of fiber textiles and sculpture. The work includes: artists' books, woven wall hangings, masks, felted work, monoprints, art wearables, rugs, tapestry, basketry, indigo-dyed scarves, and collaged work. Much of the work contains "mystical" elements—defined as containing protective or magical properties—hence, the term "enchanted." Beautiful and truly unique art objects to give or to receive for the holidays. Come see!

Artists exhibiting work include Elizabeth Berkana, Barbara Burns, Kimberly Crichton, Deborah Freedman, Kathleen Goddu, Kimberley Harding, Sarah Haskell, Berri Kramer, Richard Lee, Stephanie Levy, Susan Merrill, Charlotte Moore, Jennifer Lee Morrow, Meredith Mustard, Renuka O’Connell, Susan Perrine, Linda Perry, Kirsti Sandoy, Lori Schafer, Sarah Ann Smith, Jill Snyder Wallace, Judith Tollefson, Jill Vendituoli, Carolyn Wolle.

(For a brief time, before the actual opening, this show was formerly called "Greatest Hits." It was renamed to better reflect the content.)

Images of some of the work...

To view some of our previous exhibitions over the past few years, here's a LINK to see and read about them.


paper work

PAPER CHASE. Handmade paper art including: kozo, Joomchi, waxed, painted, formed, torn and stitched. This is the latest exhibit at Maine Fiberarts Gallery/Center, 13 Main Street in Topsham. Show on view from August 11–October 22, 2022.

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"Geronimo" by Grace Collette

“Home and Childhood Memories,” a show of fabric and fiber work at Maine Fiberarts, on view until July 30, 2022, featuring work by Grace Collette, Debora Dixon, Cindy Finamore, Kimberly Hamlin, Jennifer Lee Morrow, Pamela Slaughter, Jill Snyder Wallace, Bobbie Ann Tilkens-Fisher. The show contains stitched fabric architectural collages, hooked wall pieces, handmade art books, embroidered boxed works, bricolages, sculptural spheres, and unspun roving woven and tufted works. Artwork above is titled “Geronimo,” a hooked wall piece by Grace Collette.

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artwork in Fabulous Fabric exhibition

This exhibit of fiber art was on view November 17, 2021 to January 29, 2022. Patchwork quilts, art quilts, pillows, books, collages, garments, watering cans, woven rugs, sculptural photography and more. A veritable cornucopia of color! flash! and variety! Great as holiday gifts!. Enjoy the exhibition; treat yourself or a loved one to a special handmade gift.

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Elizabeth Busch

Maine Fiberarts presents “Current and Coming: Elizabeth Busch Art Quilts" 
Dates: June 15–August 15, 2018. SHOW EXTENDED UNTIL August 31, 2018!!!
Reception: Sunday, July 22, 2-5 p.m. 
Gallery Hours: Wednesday-Friday, 11-4; Saturday, from 11-2

Writes Elizabeth Busch: "Having been an artist all my life and an 'art quilter' since 1983, I've come to realize that my art work is all about process. Whether I am airbrushing, spreading Textile Paint on canvas taped to my table top, hand quilting or weaving painted acetate strips through plastic netting for one of my large kinetic sculptures, I am responding to that voice within that tells me today it's time to make art.


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Stephanie Crossman netting work

Fiber In Form. Three-dimensional work by 25 Maine artists: Elizabeth Berkana, Barbara Burns, Mary Chaisson, Katharine Cobey, Janet Conner, Stephanie Crossman, Judith Daniels, Susan Ferraro, Kathleen Goddu, Cheri Goguen, Emi Ito, Kathy Angel Lee, Richard Lee, Stephanie Levy, Susan Mills, Charlotte Moore, Arlene Morris, Ann Nemrow, Rana O’Connor, Kirsti Sandoy, Pam Slaughter, Elizabeth Stoyko, Michael Stevenson, Jill Snyder Wallace, Melanie West. 

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